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Los Angeles

A three day road trip to the film capital

For the Christmas holidays I went on a 4 day road trip to Los Angeles with couple of my friends. It was an intense and amazing trip to remember, this was my first trip which I totally focused on photography. Though I have only two lensed I managed to get some good shots.


San Luis Reservoir, CA

Around 100 miles away form my house, we stopped at this stunning location to enjoy the cold breeze and amazing view of this spectacular mountains and water.


I always enjoy taking pictures of people and their capture their emotions. Some of these pictures were taken in the Universal studios and some in TLC Chinese theater.


Santa Monica Beach

I loved the street musicians in this beach particularly the old guy (picture below) on the back of the beach deck. This beach was super happening with differing fun rides along with kids playing with pigeons.


Hollywood Walk of Fame

Ooff!! 😧 Too many people. This is the most craziest road I have ever been in US. People were taking pictures sitting on the sitting, lying, and rolling on the floor. And I saw some super hero characters just wandering and taking pictures with them. The street was so busy that I want not able to snap any amazing pictures.


Universal studios

We had a chance to spend a whole day in the entertainment capital of LA. We went on multiple rides which were amazing. Due to the holiday season the studios were jam packed and there were some looong 😅 wait times. Anyhow in the end I managed to get some pretty good pictures with the help of my amazing friends.


Culver city

The hike on the culver city stairs was refreshing. I had an opportunity to snap some pictures of LA skyline and to see the amazing view from the top of the mountain.


Venice beach

We spent a couple of hours walking on the beach. It's around 2 miles walk across the coast filled with street artists and small shops who don't accept cards. The art was bold, abstract, raw and mostly wowing. I think this is the most happening beach I have ever been after the Santa Monica beach. There was a helicopter observing from the sky.


The getty

We only managed to visit the north & south wings which had exquisite italian & european paintings predated to thr 1400s.The paintings depicted how culturally enriched europe was & house christianity has impacted the history.